Lima, December 12, 2018.- The Peruvian National Contact Point gathered different enterprises to promote the responsible business conduct and disseminate the Guidelines of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) related to the corporate sector role to reinforce the favorable climate of investments in the country.

Alberto Ñecco, Executive Director of PROINVERSIÓN, who was in charge of the inauguration of the event, pointed out that to preserve and reinforce the favorable environment for investments in Peru, it is required to consider that supplemental initiatives need to be developed, from both, the Government, and the corporate sector.

During the event, organized with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Peru, he emphasized that the OECD is an opportunity in two essential fronts: first, to be more attractive to promote the private investment when being part of an important organization as the OECD; and second, as a platform for us to commit to comply with an internal pro competitivity agency for both, the Government (Country Programme) and the private sector (guidelines for multinational enterprises).

The Director of ProInversión’s Investor Services Division, Cesar M. Peñaranda, representing ProInversión also affirmed that promoting the OECD Guidelines in multinational enterprises in the country provide an additional attraction to create an interest of the OECD member countries to the investment opportunities offered by the country.

He also mentioned that these guidelines have a favorable impact in the responsible business conduct considering that they may create a mutual trust basis between the enterprises and the locations where the activities are developed by leading the reinforcement of the investment climate and enhancing the contribution of multinational enterprises to the sustainable development.

Likewise, he emphasized the importance of revealing the successful experiences of OECD member countries towards the promotion of the responsible business conduct. For this event, the Ambassador of Sweden, Anna Ferry, had a special participation and made a presentation of the Swedish experience on the promotion of the responsible business conduct and its relationship with the OECD standards.

The Ambassador of Sweden committed to continue cooperating with ProInversión and the National Contact Point to disseminate this successful experience along with practical and specific cases of private enterprises such as Tetrapack and Atlas Copco and their achievement of prioritizing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It was highlighted that in the future consumers will demand products from socially responsible enterprises that respect the environment and are committed to the innovation.

For the closure of the event, the Vice-Minister of MSE and Industry, Javier Davila, emphasized the importance of these activities from public and private sector institutions focused to increase the business culture in Responsible Business Conduct matters.
It should be noted that the organization of this Workshop to promote the responsible business conduct in Peru is added to the various activities carried out in 2018, including for example the following:

  • Participation as an observer during the Peer Review process of Canada’s NCP (Ottawa, February 2018).
  • Workshop: Responsible Mining and OECD Guidelines (Cajamarca, August 2018).
  • Workshop: Investments Climate in Peru and Guidelines for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Enterprises (Cusco, October 2018).
  • Participation in the meetings of the OECD Working Group on RBC and the Global Network of National Contact Points (Paris, December 2018).