Lima, June 29, 2020.- The Peruvian National Contact Point (NCP) participated in the online launching of the OECD Responsible Business Conduct Policy Reviews: Peru, organized by the OECD, the European Union, the ILO, the RBCLAC, the Ministry of Justice and PROINVERSIÓN where the NCP is located.

According to the OECD, the report is a valuable tool to help the Government to adopt and promote coherently an approach of responsible business conduct through its policies and practices. Thus, it is an important input for the development process of the currently ongoing National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights in Peru.
It also represents a useful resource for decision-making under the current context of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 which has severe and lasting consequences in people’s lives, as well as in companies and economies. The OECD pointed out that Peru is the first Latin American country with this OECD study and recommendations on Responsible Business Conduct policies.
“The adoption of a Responsible Business Conduct approach in government and business responses before this crisis has become even more important since it allows the creation of benefits in short- and long-term, such as a greater resilience and recovery capacity, a fairer and inclusive distribution of the recovery measure benefits, and a stronger and lasting contribution to the inclusive and sustainable development” affirms the OECD.
Cesar Martin Peñaranda, Director of the Investor Services Division and representing the NCP, participated on the report presentation as panelist of the discussion “Opportunities and challenges to promote the RBC in Peru”. He expressed that in the current context, the Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) is no longer a voluntary aspect but a commitment to achieve the enterprises standards of the OECD countries and the international ones.
In this event also participated representatives from Central Autónoma de Trabajadores del Perú (CATP), Confederación Nacional de Instituciones Empresariales Privadas (CONFIEP), Confederación Unitaria de Trabajadores del Peru (CUT), Federación Nacional de Mujeres Campesinas, Artesanas, Indígenas, Nativas y Asalariadas del Perú (FEMUCARINAP), Perú Equidad, Programa Laboral de Desarrollo (PLADES) and Sociedad Nacional de Minería, Petróleo y Energía (SNMPE). A video of the event can be found here: